Square and Compass150 YearsSol D. Bayless Lodge # 359
Free and Accepted Masons

216 East Washington Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN  46802

About Sol D. Bayless Lodge 

Sol D. BaylessSol D. Bayless Masonic Lodge was formed in 1866 in the city of Fort Wayne. It is named in honor of a man who had achieved great things within our noble fraternity. He served multiple terms in the highest offices of several Masonic bodies. He died in his home in 1875 and is buried here in the city.

In 1923, our lodge, along with several other bodies came together to build the Fort Wayne Masonic Temple, a grand edifice of Freemasonry. We continue to be one of the owning bodies of the Temple and are proud to say we have been working towards the preservation and long term viability of the Temple for more than 20 years.

The Masonic spirit of Mr. Bayless has continued in our lodge for nearly 150 years. We strive to initiate good men to make them better, and we have had great success in our history. Sol D. Bayless lodge boasts many great men in our history; prominent business men, doctors, lawyers, and others. One of our most famous brothers is the late Dave Thomas, of Wendy’s Hamburger fame. He was initiated as a Freemason in the Temple and was a member of our lodge until he passed away in 2002 .



Fort Wayne Masonic Temple          

 The Fort Wayne Masonic Temple

Dave Thomas